Our Mission

The Jay Gascoigne Foundation aims to provides help and support directly to those who are in crisis while either waiting to access Mental Health service or been turned away because of addiction. We recognise people with mental health illnesses often also suffer from addiction through self-medication trying to escape their demons.

Founder Anna Gascoigne says: “My son went to hospital in crisis and begged for help, but because they said he was not a danger to himself or the public he was sent home. The Jay Gascoigne Foundation believes that anyone arriving at hospital in crisis, like Jay, who are in need, should not go home without help. We believe anyone in crisis needs to be assessed correctly, fully and given the support they need at that time until they are linked with services that can help them in the longer term.”

The Jay Gascoigne Foundation aims to fund a centre, a safe haven, a place young people can go to access support immediatly.

In addition, the Jay Gascoigne Foundation campaign ‘Enough Is Enough’ has got thousands talking across social media how the now dated mental health act needs to be reformed, putting people in need at the forefront.

With support from Jay’s uncle Paul Gascoigne and actress and Loose Woman Denise Welch, the campaign is gathering momentum, please sign the Enough Is Enough petition to reform the Mental Health Act.

As we know from Jay’s tragedy this is a matter of life and death.